Reports Prepared by the Public Safety Research Institute

Effective Latino Targeted Prevention Resources
Report To The Task Group On The Involvement Of Latino Men With The Criminal Justice System
Prepared By The Public Safety Research Institute With Support From Millersville University
March 2009
7 pages 48K

Working Toward a Common Goal
Strategic Planning Meeting Sponsored by
The Lancaster City Police Foundation
February 9, 2008
19 Pages 57K

Implementation of the Recommendations of the Lancaster Crime Commission.
October 2007
63 Pages 184K
This report is also available in web (html) format.

East King Improvement District Business Survey
September 2007
37 Pages 207K

Lancaster Community Safety Coalition
Musser Park Service Area Door-to-Door Survey
September - November 2005
30 pages 607K

Summary of Parole and Probation Literature
Prepared for Lancaster Alliance
August 2005
77 pages 271K

East King Improvement District Initial Survey
Summary Findings
Prepared for East King Improvement District
Prepared by Public Safety Research Institute
with support from Center for Opinion Research
May 2005
34 pages 1.1 MB

James Street Improvement District Initial Survey
Prepared for James Street Improvement District
and Lancaster City Police Department
January 2005
37 pages 784K

Narcotics-Related Crime-Precipitated Homicide
An Examination of Lancaster City, PA
Amy Hauptly
Millersville University
April 15, 2004
38 pages 88K

Lancaster Crime Commission
Final Report to The People of Lancaster
February 2003
76 pages 322K

Lancaster Crime Commission
Lancaster Neighborhoods: Perceptions of Disorder, Crime and Community Life
A Survey of Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Conducted for the Lancaster Crime Commission
by the 2001-2002 Service Learning Collaborations Program
August 2002
30 pages 363K

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